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Portrait Retrospective: Part 1

I find myself in the midst of a bout of nostalgia. Reasons for it are obvious to me but beyond the scope of this blog so we will just cut right to the chase. I have a fondness for portraits. My initial motivation for getting involved in photographer was of two parts; an interest in the black and white photography as practiced by Ralph Gibson and others, and an interest in portraiture as practiced by Irving Penn and others. I make no claim that I’ve quite gotten to where I’d like in either milieu. However, I have come farther than when I started.

Recently, I re-processed some portraits from several years back and that started an entire thing so that now I’ve gone back about ten years and re-processed some of the older portraits I’ve taken knowing what I know now.

Of course, this exercise is concerned only with processing. The mistakes in lighting, exposure, and posing are…indelible. You can’t really save a photograph from mistakes of that nature. So, limited in scope but still of interest, to me at least.

Wrinkled shirt…how you vex me.


My choice of color palette has become more sedate.


Originally most of this set was black and white.


After this walk down memory lane, that will take up a few posts here, I’m thinking of capping things off with some very recent portrait work. Though by then my interest may have careened off on an unexpected trajectory.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask me (nearly) anything if you have a mind to!