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Scenes From A State Fair #3

Another Monday another round of images. Things have been keeping me busy and these posts are a nice opportunity to slow down and reflect a bit.


More images from my recent visit to the Washington State Fair. I don’t know if I mentioned but there were lots of other photographers present. Some were obviously using photography as an adjunct to their enjoyment of the fair. Others, like the two older gentlemen with backpack, tripods, and a full kit…were also there for enjoyment, but photography was obviously paramount in their purpose. I fell into the former category. Rarely am I to be found without a camera, but except when engaged professionally it’s as an enhancement of the experience. I have a particularly abysmal memory for events and experiences (facts are quite the opposite). For me, photography also functions as a form of memento vivere that makes re-experiencing those moments easier. Or else they would be lost.


Upcoming, I will have some street photography to feature here on the blog. For the interested, a comparison can be made between these images and my style of “true” street photography.


So actually, that’s all there is for this series of images. Next post will be something completely different.


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Every Day In Every Way…

The French psychologist Émile Coué developed the Coué Method,  a tactic of self-suggestion characterized by a mantra, “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.”, to be repeated daily multiple times as a means to self-improvement.

Taking some inspiration from the idea without commentary on the efficacy of the method I would like to suggest that something similar can be attempted with photography. Personally, I try to apply my full powers to all my photography. I don’t differentiate between professional work and personal artistic work, or snapshots with my loved ones on vacation.

To my mind photography is something I do, every time I have the camera in my hand I should be trying to achieve the best image. My goal is to always be working with the ease that comes with long practice, applying what I have learned about photography almost subconsciously. Eventually, if I work at it long enough craft and art will become the same thing whether I’m following a client’s directive, or photographing my niece’s birthday party.

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There is no shame in making every moment a moment of artistry. There is no shame in finding the exceptional in the most commonplace moments and things. An overwhelming part of leading an enjoyable life is the vantage point you observe from. I choose to opt for a life that finds the art in the everyday.

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Imagery Hodge-Podge

A few of the first images of 2017. Do you want to hear an interesting observation I’ve made? The right tool can affect how you work.

All of these images were shot with a rangefinder-style camera. I do feel like it is not only my personal style/preference to shoot in a more “journalistic” style, but that this type of camera almost demands it, or at least puts one in the frame of mind that facilitates it. I would doubtless have shot these same types of images with a dSLR, but the discreet nature of the rangefinder (and the stealthy silence of the electronic shutter) does make it easier to put people at ease and still the urge to perform for the camera. It is an advancement of why I enjoyed shooting with point-and-shoots a lot last year (the Fujifilm X10 & X30), but with greater technical capability.

Face of an Angel
Cards on the Table
Laying Track
Free-Flowing Cups

I’m not a gear head, but I have to remark on how much I’m enjoying  Fuji’s XF35mm f/2 R WR lens. As a “normal” lens I find it is pretty much living on my X-Pro2. With my preference for primes it’s a part of my “portrait trinity” along with the 90mm f/2.8 R LM WR, and 56mm f/1.2. Speaking of portraits, this is something I plan to focus more on this year both professionally and personally.

How is 2017 treating you and your photography this year?

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Kailua-Kona: Long Days, Pleasant Nights

I am in love with the big island. These days and nights of relaxation and pleasant idleness have made an indelible impression on me. If you, dear reader, have ever had the notion of visiting I urge you to act on it.

Of course I’m keeping pleasant company which makes a massive additional pleasure (Natasha, my love you increase my joy ten-fold).

Now I’m off to find new diversions, Aloha!





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The Method (Waterfront Park, Seattle)

I’m no different from most people in that I involve myself with creative pursuits (photography, writing) in order to satisfy a personal need. The need can vary from person to person; a desire to observe and catalog, an attempt to preserve fleeting moments, to make buckets of money, and so on in as many varied forms as there are people on the planet.

For me the appeal of photography comes from the necessity in some types of photography to take a considered view of everyday surroundings. My photography enables me to capture, and share, the things that catch my eye and give me pause. Sometimes it can be deliberate and I intentionally set out to find something to fill the need. Most times it is just in the course of going about my daily life that I am struck and have to take a moment to make a few images. The method that applies is to remain receptive but not always focused. I walk and take in everything, raising the camera when something catches the eye and the imagination. I don’t suggest it for everyone but I am more happy than not with the results. Though I believe that practice of an art goes a longer way than any gimmick method. It has to be something you do as easily as getting up in the morning and breathing. You make art; write, photograph, paint, sing, dance. You produce because that is your nature.

Long ago I realized that I am drawn to geometrical arrangements, how everyday scenes and items create patterns. I have to acknowledge that this is largely due to many of my photographic influences like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ralph Gibson. Despite recently shooting more color images I still consider myself essentially a black and white photographer.

I hope that now and again someone seeing my photographs connects with them in some way. That’s the purpose of the blog and the sharing, and that is separate from making images.



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Photo: “Unironed Shirt”, “Peeker”

Unironed Shirt - January 2015
Unironed Shirt – January 2015
Peeker - January 2015
Peeker – January 2015


Suppose I had decided on a project. Suppose this project involved my predisposition to consider the mundane as worth of artistic attention as faraway landscapes. Suppose this project would involve the photographing of mundane activities as fine art subjects. Suppose this would be a thing.

Also, a self-portrait. Which is either me asserting my sense of self coming into the new year or narcissism.