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Tulip: Intimate #3

The final image of this series. I admit to enjoying flower photography for several reasons. Not least among the reasons I enjoy flower photography is that I am able to slow down and really look at the subject. Considering different angles, allowing the shapes of the flower’s structure to inform my decisions is almost meditative.X30_15-11-18_072

Artsy, Black and White, flower photography, Flowers, Macro, Photography

Tulip: Intimate #2

The second of three images featuring the humble tulip. As you can tell from this post and the previous one it’s all about detail and intimate consideration of the subject.


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Artsy, Black and White, depth of field, Fine Art Photography, flower photography, Flowers, Photography

Tulip: Intimate #1

Flowers. It always seems to come back to the place flowers hold in our collective artistic subconscious. It is a well-deserved place of course; the flower is a triumph of nature. Flowers can be beautiful, fragrant, or unsettling (consider Amorphophallus titanum, commonly called the corpse flower). Photographically they may be a trope, but therein lies the challenge.

Tulip:Intimate #1

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