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The Park No. 4


Western State Hospital is one of the two state-run mental hospitals in the state of Washington. When it was first built it had facilities to be self-sufficient including its own farm. A ward was established on a hill near the farm that was known as Hill Ward. Eventually it was destroyed in a fire and never rebuilt. For a number of years local fire and rescue used the remnants of the building, some of the outer walls and remnants of the foundation, to run training. It was also a mecca for dissolute youths and saw more than its fair share of graffiti and trash. Eventually the city tore down the ruin and fashioned it into a memorial retaining the outline of the outer walls of the original facility and erected a memorial stone. Perhaps as you might expect the memorial too has been the recipient of its fair share of graffiti.

Hill Ward Memorial



Next Up: The Barns.
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Punalu’u Beach (black sand beach)

Yesterday saw us hitting the road to explore a novelty of the island; Punalu’u Beach, singularly noted for the features of its black sand and the presence of Green Sea Turtles. Unfortunately, the turtles did not make an appearance during our time there.







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Kailua-Kona: First Impressions

Hawaii is considered a dream destination for many and occupies a place of prominence in the idea many have of what constitutes paradise.

I’m currently on the “Big Island” and I have to say its reputation for beauty is well-deserved. As expected I am tempted to capture photographically the impressions the place makes on me.