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Barn #1
Barn #1
Barn #2
Barn #2
Barn #3
Barn #3


As mentioned previously I’ve been focusing more on other parts of my photography. I love blogging and other online pursuits, but there is something more satisfying about putting prints in people’s hands.

I’ve written before about why I feel prints are important. Not just because they put money in an artists pocket, but because all our digital images are ephemeral. Each of us is so inundated with the an explosion of images that it all runs together. It can be sensory overload. Images that resonate, that really speak to us, in my opinion need to be preserved in some other way than a hyperlink or a jpg on a hard drive that will some day soon be unreadable as technology marches on.

Prints are not eternal. However, they do have a longevity that can last a lifetime. I make prints of my own work for myself all the time. Partially because I use them to aid my memories of my experiences, footnotes to the passage of my days.

Then again, sometimes I just take pictures of barns. All currents in the same river.

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Sakura #1 - March 2015
Sakura #1 – March 2015
Sakura #2 - March 2015
Sakura #2 – March 2015
Sakura #3 - March 2015
Sakura #3 – March 2015
Sakura #4 - March 2015
Sakura #4 – March 2015
Sakura #5 - March 2015
Sakura #5 – March 2015

It is that time of year again. I always make the opportunity to capture a few of the cherry blossoms that can be found all over the neighborhood yearly. In retrospect I should have waited an hour or so for the position of the sun to change and give (in my opinion) a little better light. Still, I love that second image.

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Photo: “Unironed Shirt”, “Peeker”

Unironed Shirt - January 2015
Unironed Shirt – January 2015
Peeker - January 2015
Peeker – January 2015


Suppose I had decided on a project. Suppose this project involved my predisposition to consider the mundane as worth of artistic attention as faraway landscapes. Suppose this project would involve the photographing of mundane activities as fine art subjects. Suppose this would be a thing.

Also, a self-portrait. Which is either me asserting my sense of self coming into the new year or narcissism.

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Photo: “A Look Back: October/November/December”


The last post of 2014. A year, any year, comes with highs and lows. There will be triumphs and there will be defeats. At it’s close when the past twelves months give way to 365 days of untold possibilities we hope that we can tally joys as being in greater abundance than our sorrows.

I can happily say that as far as my photography is concerned the year was a very good one. I was prolific. My skills, even after the years I’ve been involved with photography increased in appreciable ways that made me very happy. Finally, I was able to give back to the open source photography community with several video tutorials.

Heading into 2015 it is my hope that things will continue positively. I have big plans.

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