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Addendum: Things Seen 11/22/14

Untitled - November 2014
Smear - November 2014
Graffiti - November 2014

326/365 ”B”

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Photo: “Pile”

Pile - November 2014


I am usually not one for mobile photography. Partly because I am often a few generations behind the tech curve, and partly because l usually have a camera, digital or analog, on me most times.

For once l am not behind the curve with my newer device so l will give it a go from time to time.

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Photo: “Have your cake”

Have Your Cake - November 2014
Have Your Cake – November 2014


I was going to post a color version of this. It just didn’t work for me though. Largely I think because the intention of this shot was not “food photograph” per se, despite it being a photograph of food.

In this instance the image is more symbolic than purely representative. It implies a certain narrative apart from informing the viewer, “this is a yummy piece of cake.”

The intent here is much better aided by monochrome.

However, to satisfy the curious the color version is here:

Have Your Cake - November 2014
Have Your Cake (color) – November 2014