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Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation #3

After an unexpected three month hiatus here is the finale of my photostory of Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation. Even though it has been awhile I hope viewers new and old will enjoy these. Clicking on any image below with link to a larger view.

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Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation #2

Continuing from the previous post about Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Our guide gave us a full tour of the facilities and how the process goes from the picking of the ripe red coffee bean, to the peeling, to the sorting and drying, and finally the roasting.X30_16-06-20_0062-1


Hand-picked beans are driven a short distance and dumped into this bin to begin the process of washing and sorting.




The beans are then laid out in the drying rooms.





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Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation #1

During my stay on the big island of Hawai’i the opportunity presented itself to tour the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation. The tour was a very pleasant way to the spend the morning and we had a very friendly and informative tour guide. A special thank you to the family that was on the tour with us and shared the meal they had paid for. Such generosity doesn’t go unappreciated.

Not being a coffee drinker in any serious fashion I was still pretty interested in the process, which is actually rather simpler than I imagined. I do imagine that a plantation like Mountain Thunder works a bit differently than some of the brands that take out national (and international) television adverts and such.X30_16-06-20_0005

Chickens, dogs, and extremely laid back cats were in abundance.



As it was explained the process of picking the beans require a keen eye and deft fingers. Many workers fly in to the island at times of harvesting.



Before the drying and roasting process the coffee bean is rather unassuming. It also is quite sweet on the tonuge (but shouldn’t be swallowed).


More than coffee grows on the plantation grounds…

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Punalu’u Beach (black sand beach)

Yesterday saw us hitting the road to explore a novelty of the island; Punalu’u Beach, singularly noted for the features of its black sand and the presence of Green Sea Turtles. Unfortunately, the turtles did not make an appearance during our time there.







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Viva Las Vegas

Made my first pilgrimage to Las Vegas this weekend in celebration of my birthday. My beloved made it possible because she is an amazing person. I’m amazed by the depth and breadth of our relationship daily.

Not being a gambler I was pleased that there was enough spectacle in Paradise for those of use not given to test Fortune’s favor. I took photographs, ate sumptuous fare, and loved and was loved in turn. It will remain one of my fondest experiences.