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Viva Las Vegas

Made my first pilgrimage to Las Vegas this weekend in celebration of my birthday. My beloved made it possible because she is an amazing person. I’m amazed by the depth and breadth of our relationship daily.

Not being a gambler I was pleased that there was enough spectacle in Paradise for those of use not given to test Fortune’s favor. I took photographs, ate sumptuous fare, and loved and was loved in turn. It will remain one of my fondest experiences.






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The Method (Waterfront Park, Seattle)

I’m no different from most people in that I involve myself with creative pursuits (photography, writing) in order to satisfy a personal need. The need can vary from person to person; a desire to observe and catalog, an attempt to preserve fleeting moments, to make buckets of money, and so on in as many varied forms as there are people on the planet.

For me the appeal of photography comes from the necessity in some types of photography to take a considered view of everyday surroundings. My photography enables me to capture, and share, the things that catch my eye and give me pause. Sometimes it can be deliberate and I intentionally set out to find something to fill the need. Most times it is just in the course of going about my daily life that I am struck and have to take a moment to make a few images. The method that applies is to remain receptive but not always focused. I walk and take in everything, raising the camera when something catches the eye and the imagination. I don’t suggest it for everyone but I am more happy than not with the results. Though I believe that practice of an art goes a longer way than any gimmick method. It has to be something you do as easily as getting up in the morning and breathing. You make art; write, photograph, paint, sing, dance. You produce because that is your nature.

Long ago I realized that I am drawn to geometrical arrangements, how everyday scenes and items create patterns. I have to acknowledge that this is largely due to many of my photographic influences like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ralph Gibson. Despite recently shooting more color images I still consider myself essentially a black and white photographer.

I hope that now and again someone seeing my photographs connects with them in some way. That’s the purpose of the blog and the sharing, and that is separate from making images.



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With a new year I’m re-dedicating myself to my blogging efforts which took something of a backseat to other efforts about the middle of last year. So let’s get things rolling, yes?


Hello. I’m Desmond, a photographer and writer from the Pacific Northwest. Photographically I have a somewhat old school aesthetic and a real love for black and white images, on the literary side I write genre fiction.

I am a strong proponent and ardent user of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) because of the opportunities it provides to build a community between developers and users.

Since 2005 I have used Linux exclusively as my operating system and KDE is my current desktop environment. All the content you see created by me was done using FOSS software.

Aside from the photographs posted on this blog you can find more of my visual work at my artspan site, on my tumblr, and at flickr. My writing can be found at my writing site.


Without Further Ado…

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Photo Archives: Selections for 2008 and 2009

Cityscape - October 2009
Cityscape – October 2009
Swan - October 2009
Swan – October 2009
Untitled - November 2008
Untitled – November 2008


My days grow fat with activity and time to photograph was short. Further, I wasn’t happy with my photographic output today. Into the archives then, for the years 2008 and 2009.