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For some, abstract photography presents difficulties. Possibly they struggle with the “why” of abstract images, what they are meant to signify to the viewer. Personally, to me, the abstract photograph is about taking the subject our of its context. Looking not only at what it is, but what it also is, what interest it holds when taken for its form and construction outside of its obvious context.

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Photo: “Watch the Curves”

Watch the Curves - August 2014
Watch the Curves – August 2014


Continuing with getting the hang of Photivo as a RAW editor (though yesterday’s post was all RawTherapee). The learning curve is not exactly steep, but it is different from other editors I’ve used. The upswing there being that it’s terrible to get complacent about using any one tool. I would make a comment about eggs and baskets but you’re sharp, you get where this is going.