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William B. Umstead State Park – Part 3

The finale, as it were.


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Sunflowers – Flower Photography

I have been including fine art flower photography in my photographic oeuvre almost since I first picked up a camera. There’s no real mystery to it. I have mentioned it before but flowers are a fantastic photographic subject because of their availability and infinite form. There are very few flowers that are not a worthy of photographic attention. Of course, like everyone else I have my favorites. I’m very partial to lilies (Peace and Stargazer, thank you), tulips, and now sunflowers.


Yes, consider the humble sunflower. Okay, it’s a pretty popular flower. It’s an evocative flower. The color, the shape of the petals, the variety of different breeds. All of this is in aid of saying that I photographed a ton of sunflowers recently.


As usual, my fine art prints are available at several portals including artspan,, and redbubble. Additionally, I’m offering a limited discount on a 20″ by 16″ canvas of Sunflower #6 here (until September 13, 2017).


These images have become some of my recent faves. I find there is something meditative about these particular images. There’s something about the shapes and textures of the sunflower. What do you think?

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Things seen, and a return to the fold

Open/Chained - 2015
20 Open/Chained – 2015
Street Lamp - 2015
Street Lamp – 2015
Blue Door - 2015
Blue Door – 2015

Been away from the blog for various reasons, not least of which are some fantastic personal developments. Riding the tide of those developments I am back and hope to be much more productive in all my endeavors, proving Ovid truthful in the words “Qui non vult fieri desidiosus, amet.”

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Sakura #1 - March 2015
Sakura #1 – March 2015
Sakura #2 - March 2015
Sakura #2 – March 2015
Sakura #3 - March 2015
Sakura #3 – March 2015
Sakura #4 - March 2015
Sakura #4 – March 2015
Sakura #5 - March 2015
Sakura #5 – March 2015

It is that time of year again. I always make the opportunity to capture a few of the cherry blossoms that can be found all over the neighborhood yearly. In retrospect I should have waited an hour or so for the position of the sun to change and give (in my opinion) a little better light. Still, I love that second image.