Tomatillo #2
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A bit of food still life, to prove this blog is still alive.

Honestly, the reason for a lack of updates is that I have been very busy updating my catalog of prints that are available. Giving some much needed love to this aspect of my photography is long overdue.

Photography is at most times a solitary, self-interested  activity; the time spent in contemplation of subject and technical considerations, the processing of taking a negative or digital file and making of it something that expresses the active urge that made the photographer press the shutter.

However, photography expresses, at it’s best, sentiments we all have, distills human experience into an artifact. To me that is an amazing thing, an important thing. To me that is the reason that every photographer who takes the craft seriously should be sharing, making their work available to others and taking in work by others. Of course, as with all points of view your mileage may vary.

Tomatillo #1
Tomatillo #1
Tomatillo #2
Tomatillo #1


Black and White, Color, Photography, Urban Landscape


With a new year I’m re-dedicating myself to my blogging efforts which took something of a backseat to other efforts about the middle of last year. So let’s get things rolling, yes?


Hello. I’m Desmond, a photographer and writer from the Pacific Northwest. Photographically I have a somewhat old school aesthetic and a real love for black and white images, on the literary side I write genre fiction.

I am a strong proponent and ardent user of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) because of the opportunities it provides to build a community between developers and users.

Since 2005 I have used Linux exclusively as my operating system and KDE is my current desktop environment. All the content you see created by me was done using FOSS software.

Aside from the photographs posted on this blog you can find more of my visual work at my artspan site, on my tumblr, and at flickr. My writing can be found at my writing site.


Without Further Ado…

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