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The Park No. 3


I was quite happy with the state of the frost that was apparent in the previous two posts. It was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. However, I was also struck by the moss on the trees throughout the park and which reminded me a bit of my visit to Hoh Rainforest last year. I took the opportunity to make a few photographs of the moss as well.

Mostly Moss



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The Park No. 1

It has been a habit of mine over many years to take a new camera to a park local to me here in the Pacific Northwest. Fort Steilacoom Park contains the remnants of the self-sustaining farm for one of the states two mental health hospitals, Western State Hospital, that was known as the Hill Ward and built in 1939. It is a pleasantly rambling natural area with facilities for children to play, sports to be played, dogs to recreate off-leash, RC airplanes, and moderate hiking facilities. There are a number of structures erected, barns, that make it a mecca for local photographers to shoot just about everything from engagements, birth announcements, to senior portraits.

I set out on an early morning just after the park opened carrying the Fujifilm X-Pro2 with an idea to take advantage of the brisk January weather and the prevalent hoarfrost that would be there before the sun could burn it off.



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Photo: “Pile”

Pile - November 2014


I am usually not one for mobile photography. Partly because I am often a few generations behind the tech curve, and partly because l usually have a camera, digital or analog, on me most times.

For once l am not behind the curve with my newer device so l will give it a go from time to time.