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The Park No. 6


Finally we arrive at the last of the images from my early morning park walk. Had I been possessed of more time that morning I’m sure I could have found other subjects to point my lens toward. As it is I think it was a productive morning.

The Barns – Continued



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The Park No. 5


As a location Fort Steilacoom park attracts a lot of attention from local photographers who use it to stage engagement photos, birth announcements, senior photos, and so on. Can’t really blame them as it’s a good location (it would also make me a hypocrite).

One of the main features is a series of barns that are situated on the park grounds. One has been torn down due to deterioration but the others still stand as well as three silos.

The outer walls of the barn are marked with chalk by all these various photographers (I’ve never done this myself), with the result that taken out of context they become enigmatic ciphers. It’s interesting, to me at least, to take them even further out of context when photographing them for viewers who will likely be unaware of the meanings unless they’ve read this post.

The Barns



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The Park No. 4


Western State Hospital is one of the two state-run mental hospitals in the state of Washington. When it was first built it had facilities to be self-sufficient including its own farm. A ward was established on a hill near the farm that was known as Hill Ward. Eventually it was destroyed in a fire and never rebuilt. For a number of years local fire and rescue used the remnants of the building, some of the outer walls and remnants of the foundation, to run training. It was also a mecca for dissolute youths and saw more than its fair share of graffiti and trash. Eventually the city tore down the ruin and fashioned it into a memorial retaining the outline of the outer walls of the original facility and erected a memorial stone. Perhaps as you might expect the memorial too has been the recipient of its fair share of graffiti.

Hill Ward Memorial



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The Park No. 3


I was quite happy with the state of the frost that was apparent in the previous two posts. It was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. However, I was also struck by the moss on the trees throughout the park and which reminded me a bit of my visit to Hoh Rainforest last year. I took the opportunity to make a few photographs of the moss as well.

Mostly Moss



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The Park No. 1

It has been a habit of mine over many years to take a new camera to a park local to me here in the Pacific Northwest. Fort Steilacoom Park contains the remnants of the self-sustaining farm for one of the states two mental health hospitals, Western State Hospital, that was known as the Hill Ward and built in 1939. It is a pleasantly rambling natural area with facilities for children to play, sports to be played, dogs to recreate off-leash, RC airplanes, and moderate hiking facilities. There are a number of structures erected, barns, that make it a mecca for local photographers to shoot just about everything from engagements, birth announcements, to senior portraits.

I set out on an early morning just after the park opened carrying the Fujifilm X-Pro2 with an idea to take advantage of the brisk January weather and the prevalent hoarfrost that would be there before the sun could burn it off.



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